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I'm Roxanne the founder of On the Mark Bookkeeping Inc. I have 10 + Years experience in the bookkeeping Industry. I started my journey at the age of 21 where I worked as a admin/bookkeeper at a company in the construction field. This is where I found my passion for bookkeeping- as I got bored of the admin tasks I would ask for more things to do; leading to the bookkeeping tasks which I loved!


After having 2 kids I decided I wanted to make my passion more of a reality so I vamped up my education by taking courses and programs in the evenings after my kids were in bed. With the rising costs of daycare it didn't make sense for me to return to work as I would just be going to work to pay for the daycare fees! This lead me to launching my business in 2017 where I started working with small businesses. After spending many years working with a variety of different industries I came to the realization I always enjoyed working with clients in the construction, trades and service based industries!  


I exclusively work with Quickbooks online and many other cloud based tech apps which integrate with Quickbooks online to make our clients lives easier.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my 2 young kids, reading, hiking and recently adding paddle boarding to my list. 

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