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Cloud Based Tech Apps!

You may ask yourself What are the Tech Stack Apps that are included in the Sample Packages and if you really need them! Here we have included what the purpose of each app is and why we have chosen to include these ones!



Dext is the cloud based app used to collect all receipts from clients- There are multiple ways of uploading receipts to us, which include the Mobile App, Bulk upload, Email forwarding and auto fetch



Rewind is the cloud base app we connect to Quickbooks online which will keep a back up copy of our clients QBO file at all times! 



Autoreview- is an internal app we use that ensures consistency is applied across all accounts. We like to think errors never happen but we are all human! Autoreview is another tool we implement during our reviews of client files.



Sharefile is our secure client portal where we will share all secure documents with our clients. 



Keeper- Is where we will send our clients their monthly missing receipt list and any additional questions we have. We also use Keeper to produce our internal month end (or Quarterly) reporting for our clients

We also work with the following software's depending on the clients needs:

  • Square 

  • Stripe

  • Wagepoint for processing payroll

  • Knowify

  • Buildertrend

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