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Here you can find a sample of our packages- Please note these are guidelines. Before we can give any sort of estimate we will need to complete a Deep Dive review of your existing accounting records. We do this so that we can see what is going on "under the hood" meaning we look to see if there are any improvements that are required to bring your books up to date and follow the best practice accounting. This is a one time fee of $500 + HST to complete the review. You may ask yourself well why do I need to pay for this! It's simple- We are putting in the time to review your books and letting you know of any issues (if any) we find, and how they can be corrected. We will provide you with a report that will outline everything for you so if you decide we are not a good fit the report is still yours!

Addition Add on Services Available: 

  • Payroll

  • Clean ups & Catch ups

  • Quickbooks Online Set up

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